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2007/3/1· By refining the dephosphorized hot metal in the LD converter, extra low phosphorus steel having a phosphorus content of less than 0.005% was obtained (Thomas, 1983). Several studies have been undertaken in this laboratory for the removal of phosphorus from LD slag.

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1996 Steelmaking Proceedings A Ladle Furnace Power Input Control System for Improved Secondary Steelmaking Mechanisms of Dust Formation in LD-Converter Mixed Grade Casting With Turbostop Impact Pads at Dofasco Modeling Study of Intermixing in

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Converter Dephosphorized hot metal was charged together with two 45 t hot metals and was refined by blowing oxygen in a 70 t LD converter. The flux consisting of 50N70 kg/t lime, l1''-''l6 kg/t silica and 6''- 15 kg/t fluorspar was added to

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1982/6/15· An improved converter steelmaking process that achieves a great increase in the refining capability of top-blown oxygen is provided. The process applies to an oxygen top-blowing converter that also permits bottom blowing of gas and it is characterized by supplying

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in Slag-Metal-Gas Emulsions in Oxygen Steelmaking," Metallurgical and Materials Transaction B, Vol.36B, No.2005, pp. 525-535. 2. C. Cicutti, et al., "Study of Slag-Metal Reactions in an Ld-Lbe Converter," in 6 th International Conference on Molten Slags3. C.

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The oxygen steelmaking process in a Linz-Donawitz (LD) converter is responsible for more than 70% of annual crude In addition to hot metal, the Linz-Donawitz oxygen steelmaking process (LD


Today, the metallurgical refining process of hot metal in steelmaking converters is state of the art. The converter is a large vessel with a capacity up to 400 t of melt at high temperatures of 1650 to 1700 C. The converter system mainly consists of a vessel steel

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Article “50 Years LD Steelmaking-50 Years of Innovation, Part 2.” Detailed information of the J-GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, linking science and technology information which hitherto stood alone to support the


argon – oxygen decarburization converter {TimeAOD2}[13]. Ellahony did many experiments to characterize the LD process at the Egyptian iron and steel company, as a result of his work the temperature change of the melt bath is measured during the oxygen

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2014/2/23· LD process is a refining process which is carried out in a LD vessel(or LD converter/BOF). 3. LD converter is a welded construction of non-ageing steel plates (8mm), the height of the vessel varies from 7-10m. L.D converter has a basic lining of

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Slag generated during steelmaking in basic oxygen converter (LD-Converter) is one of the important waste materials in an integrated steel plant. Generation rate of LD-slag is 150-

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In order to validate the BOF process model, the heats in 170‐ and 330‐ton converters were simulated. The different types of heats in a 170‐ton converter were considered. The model validation includes the comparison of the actual and simulated end blow parameters.

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In order to extract vanadium from LD (Linz–Donawitz) converter slag of steelmaking plant, an alkaline roasting–acid leaching study was carried out and the effect of different parameters on the kinetics of vanadium dissolution was determined. The leaching residue was

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After a good six years of research and development, the first 30 tons of LD steel were tapped from the converter on 27 Noveer 1952 in the former LD steelmaking plant 1 of VÖEST in Linz. This was a significant step for everyone involved and at the same time the official beginning of the winning LD technology throughout the world, a method used to produce steel by blowing industrial oxygen


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CONARC Process for Steelmaking CONARC process for steelmaking was developed by Mannesmann Demag Huettentechnik (now it is SMS Siemag). The objective for the development of this process was to utilize the benefits of both the conventional top blown converter steelmaking and electric arc …


The LD process quickly attracted international interest, and new marketing channels were developed. And just over a year later, on Deceerthe “M. Linz-Donawitz converter This ship proved to all critics that LD steel was the ideal material for shipbuilding.

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second LD converter in the oxygen steelmaking plant of Czech steelmaker Třinecké Železárny and been granted the final accept-ance certifie already after four weeks. The first converter has been in production since as long ago as Noveer 2004. The new

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2020/8/9· Steel - Steel - Secondary steelmaking: An open-topped cylindrical container made of heavy steel plates and lined with refractory, the ladle is used for holding and transporting liquid steel. Here all secondary metallurgical work takes place, including deslagging and reslagging, electrical heating, chemical heating or cooling with scrap, powder injection or wire feeding, and stirring with gas