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Why does the luminosity of a star depend on both its

The energy of a star is the amount of energy emitted from each square meter of star’s surface is determined by temperature. The surface area depends on the radius of the star. Again, luminosity is the total amount of energy emitted by the star. Hence, luminosity depends on both temperature and

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Finally, your crops won’t suffer from any mysterious nutrient deficiencies related to coco coir because Big Bud Coco contains the “missing link” to great coco coir growing – a specifically chelated form of iron. Now, let’s examine the science behind this breakthrough…

Meteor shower: What time is the Perseid meteor shower

Aug 10, 2020· The Perseid meteor shower usually arrives between mid-July and the end of August. This period of Perseid activity finds the meteor shower ing over a single night. Under perfect conditions, the Perseids have been known to produce hundreds of shooting stars during the . What time is the Perseid meteor shower? This year, meteor experts […]

Frontiers | Newly Isolated Acidithiobacillus sp. Ksh From

A novel strain of an iron- and sulfur-oxidizing bacterium was isolated from a natural biotope at Kashen copper ore (Martakert Province, Republic of Artsakh). The strain is able to grow and oxidize ferrous ions in the range of pH 1.4–2.6 with optimal pH 2.0. The optimal temperature for growth is 35°C. Acidithiobacillus sp. Ksh has shown the highest activity for pyrite oxidation among other

How Iron Man''s Arc Reactor (Probably) Works

Since the Iron Man arc reactor is a fictitious device, and it has no official scientific explanation in the Iron Man canon that I'm aware of, we might as well something up. Now, I'm mixing

Scientists stuled across the first known manganese

Scientists have discovered the first bacteria known to use the metal manganese to grow. And the researchers had to look only as far as the office sink. “It’s definitely an interesting story

Marvel''s Iron Man VR game delayed until May - CNET

Marvel''s Iron Man VR game delayed until May. Tony''s PS4 adventure is gonna be a little late. Sean Keane. Jan. 17, 2020 8:14 a.m. PT. Listen - 00:57. Iron Man won''t be suiting up in VR until May.

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Using the fact that the iron is magnetic, the magnet can be used to separate the iron fillings from the mixture by moving teh magnet around in the container. Keeping the magnet in a plastic bag makes it easy to separate the filings from the magnet when you pull it out.

10 Best Cast Iron Skillets 2019 | Cast Iron Cookware Reviews

Dec 16, 2019· The Chemistry of Cast-Iron Seasoning. A quick internet search will reveal that just about everyone has an opinion on how to season cast iron, but there’s actual science behind the …

Iron and Steel Slag Statistics and Information

The iron ore is a mixture of iron oxides, silica, and alumina. From this and the added fluxing agents molten slag and iron are formed. The physical characteristics such as density, porosity, and particle size, are affected by the cooling rates and chemical composition.

Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To

In a previous post, I illustrated how I cleaned and reseasoned an antique cast iron popover pan.This was my first attempt, and my seasoning technique was somewhat haphazard because I couldn’t find consistent, science-based advice. I used a coination of organic avocado oil and strained drippings from organic bacon.

Effects of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) on Zinnia hybrida

2 hours ago· In this study, we compared plant height, weight, soil TPH concentration, and soil DHA level after 18 weeks of Zennia hybrida cultivation with four different concentrations of 5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA)-based liquid fertilizer: 1500-fold, 5000-fold, and 8000-fold dilutions, along with a non-treatment control of diluted ALA. The plants of ALA-treated were significantly taller than the non

Banana Peel Sludge: a Valid Source of Electricity? | Owlion

Aug 09, 2020· The aforementioned researchers discovered no studies using banana peel sludge as a source of bioelectricity but found that its mineral content consists primarily of potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium, and iron, which can be used to produce electrical charges.

Grain Size Analysis in Metals and Alloys

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Download 3D printer model Tyga bust 3D printing ready stl

Here is Tyga bust 3D model ready for 3D printing. The model current size is 5 cm height, but you are free to scale it. Zip file contains obj and stl. The model was created in ZBrush. If you have any questions please don''t hesitate to contact me. I will respond you ASAP. I …

What is Grey Cast Iron? - Willman Industries

Grey cast iron (a.k.a. gray iron) is a type of iron found in castings known for its grey color and appearance caused by graphite fractures in the material. Specifically, what makes grey iron grey is the graphite flake structure from the carbon created during cooling the casting. Learn more!

Iron Facts - Science for Kids

Iron is a chemical element and metal. Its chemical syol is Fe and its atomic nuer is 26. When iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture, rust (iron oxide) is formed. You might have noticed your bike chain (or other parts) rusting from time to …

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When supernovae explode, they jettison matter into space at some 9,000 to 25,000 miles (15,000 to 40,000 kilometers) per second. These blasts produce much of the material in the universe

Cleaning up oil using magnets: Iron oxide particles are

Apr 01, 2019· Iron oxide particles are very attractive to hydrocarbons surround the very fine particles as if they are being sucked in and reach a volume that can grow to 14 times the size of the core of

Iron Ore: Sedimentary Rock - Pictures, Definition & More

Iron ore is a chemical sedimentary rock that people have used as an important source of metal. Earth Science Records: Highest mountain, deepest lake, biggest tsunami and more. Diamonds: Learn about the properties of diamond, its many uses, and diamond discoveries.

The Congo River Basin: Home of the deepest river in the

The Congo River is a long, arcing river with a basin that spans nine countries in West-Central Africa. This extensive body of water provides food, water, medicine and transport to about 75 million

Accelerating throolysis using a precision and clot

The core is air, while the nanoparticles are a mixture of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (50 nm; M) and tPA-containing mesoporous silica nanoparticles (50 nm; SiO 2-tPA). Under the presence of anionic surfactant (e.g., SDS) and agitation, gas is encapsulated within the surfactant, and nanoparticles assele at the air-liquid interface.