how to use what the mean of the numbers on welding wire

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13/5/2011· I’m running 4 gauge welding wire on my batteries and motor, and others are running 2 gauge. So, the first thing is that if you’re a wire nerd, you refer to it as 4 AWG. AWG refers to the American Wire Gauge standard, (also known as the Browne and Sharpe wire gauge) and it’s been in common use since the 1800s.

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2/2/2018· Contestants are chosen from among the ticket holders for each taping, so the first step to playing the game is to get tickets for The Price is Right.You must be 18 years of age or older to attend a taping and have identifiion with you including valid photo I.D. and

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The geometric mean is the average of a relevant set of quantities multiplied together to produce a product. An online statistical geometric mean calculator to find the geometric mean value of the given nuers or statistical data when all the quantities have the same

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The nuer of conductors is simply the service amperage divided by the desired wire size''s ampacity rounded up if there is a remainder. Example: 1000A service, using 300kcmil conductors at 75 deg

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Where do you find the ohm of your coil? Most of the time it will be on the side of the coil, probably in very fine print. Some of the more common ohms are 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5 ohms. What do those nuers mean for you the vapor?

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How to read a check. If you know how to write a check, you’re probably familiar with how to read a check that you’ve received – who it’s from, how much it’s for, when it was written and what the memo area means. But what about when you''re trying to find

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10/6/2014· preferred nuers Objects are often manufactured in a series of sizes of increasing magnitude. The manufacturer must decide what those sizes should be. An example of such a series is one often used for money and packaging: 1, 2, 5, 10. The appeal of the series

Cardinal, Ordinal and Nominal Nuers

Cardinal, Ordinal and Nominal Nuers Cardinal: how many Ordinal: position Nominal: name Cardinal Nuers A Cardinal Nuer says how many of something, such as one, two, three, four, five, etc. Example With Everything In this photo there are 6 cars. Car

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Use this to send money into any BOQ account. Macquarie Bank: Macquarie Bank has a universal BSB: 182-512. Bendigo Bank: BSB nuers for Bendigo Bank can be found here. They generally begin with 63. AMP Bank Ltd: AMP has a universal BSB: 939-200

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What the other nuers on a check mean Along with the account nuer, a check contains a series of additional nuers to help properly route the check to the correct account once it reaches the bank.

What is an invoice nuer? How to nuer invoices?

Structure invoice nuers any way you want, you may: use only nuers 001, 002, 003 etc., include Customer Name CN001, CN002, etc. or even add Project Name or Nuer PN-CN-001, PN-CN-002 Use Invoicing Software to support you in sequential nuering system

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61 through 72 are special purpose routing nuers designated for use by non-bank payment processors and clearinghouses and are termed Electronic Transaction Identifiers (ETIs), and correspond to the normal routing nuer, plus 60. 80 is used for traveler''s

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Line nuers and style It was a matter of programming style, if not outright necessity, in these languages to leave gaps between successive line nuers—i.e., a programmer would use the sequence (10, 20, 30, …) rather than (1, 2, 3, …).This permitted the

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This is correct, the heat is more concentrated with smaller wire. Generally, I use a .030 wire for 210 and under machines, .035 for 250 class machines (which your 230 is). There are no benefits to going with a .045 wire unless you have at least 300 or 350 amps

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Use the original distance PD listed in the prescription. For single vision computer use, the prescription can be read as: To convert a multi-focal prescription for single vision computer use, simply coine half of the Add nuer and the Spherical nuer (If the Add cannot be split evenly, such as ADD +2.25, both +1.25 and +1.00 can be used to convert the prescription).

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The last nuer refers to the quantity of conductors, excluding the ground wire, if any. 10-2 wire would have two conductors, typically a black used for the hot, and a white used for the neutral.

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When in doubt, use a credit card, and keep that debit card in your pocket. Remeer, the very quality that makes debit cards so appealing — the ability to limit your spending to only money you

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What does sub ohm mean and what are sub-ohm tanks? Learn the sub-ohm definition, its meaning and use at DirectVapor. As you journey into the world of vaping, you may come across a variety of specialized lingo that is new to you. One of the phrases

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4. Use Heavy-Duty Cords, Correctly Suppose you don’t have the money yet to have a transfer switch installed.You can safely operate appliances plugged directly into the generator. You can power

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The key is the use of specialized codes -- SWIFT codes and routing nuers -- that tell the financial system where and how to send money. The international system – SWIFT codes For transferring

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One row of nuers is meant to signify the last digit of the year the battery was purchased (such as "7" for 2007, or "9" for 2009). The other row is meant to signify the month of purchase. Marking these nuers with a permanent marker often helps an automobile owner to …