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(flux cored welding wire E71T-GS) (.045 Copper free welding wire) (welding wire) (welding wire) (inconel 625 mig SOLID welding wire ERNICRMO3 1.20MM) (inconel 625


SAFETY DATA SHEET Page: 1(8) SDS Nuer: 7971-1-AV Date Revised: 05/01/2014 This Safety Data Sheet complies with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, ISO 11014-1 and ANSI Z400.1 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFIION Product Name: DUAL SHIELD AND ESAB MILD STEEL AWS A5.20 T-1, T-2, T-9 & T-12 FLUX CORED WELDING ELECTRODES

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Because he is accustomed to using dual shield, he kind of taken aback at just how much slower 7018 was than dual shield on some hinges he was welding vertical uphill. So we decided to actually time some uphill vertical welds and while we knew the dual shield flux core would be much faster, we were both surprised at just how much faster it was….and it looked better too.

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DUAL SHIELD II 4130 SR Dual Shield II 4130 SR is an all position flux cored wire for welding low alloy, high strength steels such as 4130. Ideal for offshore oil and gas topsides and platforms requiring high corrosion resistance with stress relieved high strength and low temperature impact toughness properties.

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Since ESAB introduced the first gas-shielded flux-cored wire, making “dual shield” synonymous with the process, the nuer of filler metal choices available has increased significantly. However, even for basic appliions, such as welding A36 steel beams, the complexity of selecting and correctly running a gas-shielded flux-cored wire can produce better results after engaging a


Dual Shield 7000-A1 is an all-position flux cored electrode recommended for 0.5% Mo steels. It is used in the fabriion and erection of boilers, pressure piping and tubing and other pressure vessel appliions. Shielding gas of 100% CO 2 and 75% Ar, remainder CO 2 may be used. may be used.

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ESAB Dual Shield II 0.045" E91T1-GM-H4 Gas Shielded Cored Welding Wire Spool (33 lb) Diameter: 0.045" Classifiions: AWS A5.29:E91T1-GM-H4, AWS A5.36:E91T-M21A6-K2H4, ASME SFA 5.29, ASME SFA 5.36 Approvals: ABS , QPL-24403/2 MIL-101TM

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more cored welding wire, which is intended for single and multiple pass welding of low-alloy and carbon steel where a minimum 70,000 psi tensile strength is required. It is an excellent general purpose welding wire. A shielding gas must be used with this wire.

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Dual Shield 7100SM Certifie. KR ABS LR DNV NK BV GL CCS RINA TUV CWB Dual Shield 7100SR A5.20 E71T-1C/9C-J/12C-J Z3313 T492T1-1CAP-U D7104 YFL-C503R 6 1 Dual Shield 7100SR Certifie. KR 4YSG(C) H5 ABS 4YSA,H5 LR 4YS, H5

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Dual Shield ® Prime Seamless cored wire Olenemata sellest, kas töökohaks on laevatehas, naftapuurtorn või kaevandus, Dual Shield Prime-sarja õluseta täidistraadid sobivad kasutamiseks kõige kriitilisemates keevitustöödes.

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Shop our line of Lincoln ED022659 .045 Outershield 71M Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded Wire (25lb Plastic Spool). Call us @ 641-201-1352 with any questions. AWS Rating: E71T-9C-J, E71T-9M-J, E71T1-C1A4-CS1-H16, E71T1-M21A4-CS1-H16 Top Features Dual

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WELDING PROCESS INDUSTRIES Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus is an all-position wire that is uniquely designed to provide high deposition, outstanding all position performance and a fume emission rate approaching that of solid wires. It is optimized for use with 90 2

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Dual Shield 7100 Ultra operates in a wider parameter range and generates less welding fumes than many similar welding wires. The low spatter levels and easy slag removal minimizes post weld cleanup. Get a spool from BakersGas today and tackle your next

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Dual Shield II 71 HI is an all-position flux cored wire designed for optimum performance when using 100% CO2 shielding gas, while producing diffusible hydrogen levels of 4 mL/100g over a wide range of welding parameters.

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-1- SDS NO. 7971-1-AM DATE REVISED: 09/03/2010 SAFETY DATA SHEET This Safety Data Sheet complies with European Commission Directive 91/155/EEC, ISO 11014-1 and ANSI Z400.1 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFIION Product Name: DUAL SHIELD MILD STEEL AWS A5.20 T-1, T-2, T-9 & T-12 FLUX CORED WELDING ELECTRODES

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COR-1089 09/2011 DEPOSITION TABLE Diameter in (mm) Amps Volts Wire Feed Speed ipm (cm/min) Shielding Gas Deposition Rate lb/hr (kg/hr) Effi ciency % DUAL SHIELD 7100 ULTRA continued 0.035 (0.9) 105 24 250 (635) CO-2 2.8 (1.3) 85.5 140 25 400

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Dual Shield Prime offers a range of non-copper-coated laser welded seamless cored wires that provide significant benefits. The unique formulation provides you with the best welding solution available. Andorra (Andorra) België (Belgium) Bielaruś, Беларусь (Belarus)

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0.045 in. dia. wire Recommended for single or multiple pass welding on materials up to 19mm (3/4in.) thick Innershield® NR-212 is designed with the same arc characteristics of NR-211-MP, but for use on a larger range of appliions 0.045 in. dia. wire

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ESAB DUAL SHIELD® 7100 ULTRA Mild Steel $59.99 308L Stainless Steel Flux Cored Welding Wire $37.29 Alcotec ALMIGWELD 5356 Regular price $15.00 $9.00 Sale Alcotec ALMIGWELD 4043 Regular price $16.00 $8.00 Sale Walter E-Weld Nozzle


Features • Multi-positional rutile type flux-cored wire • Generates less welding fumes than many similar welding wires • Low spatter levels and easy slag removal minimises post weld clean up • Compatible with either 100% CO⊃2; or 75% Ar/25% CO⊃2